Welcome to The Writing Lab.

Tell us what you’re working on! Post your work-in-progress or a finished piece you’ve had sitting in your desk drawer for the past ten years.  Request feedback on work you’re polishing, or simply post something for us all to read and enjoy.

Reluctant to get your work out there? Paralyzed by the ever-present fear of rejection and ridicule? Feel it needs to be perfect before you share it with the world?


We are all a work in progress.  No writer is ever truly finished with a piece of writing, and it takes courage to show your art, but that’s why the Writing Lab exists.  We experiment, we explore, and we help you grow your writing from the petri dish page to the published work.

Remember, it took scientists 39 attempts to finally come up with WD40. If it takes you 40 drafts to come up with your own greasy good stuff, then so be it!

Who’s working in the Writing Lab?

Leslie Tralli blank notebook on The Brave Art Lab    Leslie Tralli, Writer

Kathy Roberts Six MinutesKathy Roberts, Writer

Join us in the Writing Lab! Send an email to thebraveartlab@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch. Let’s collaborate and get your stories, articles and memoirs out there.


Have a comment? Drop us a line!

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