Rawley Loftus: Creative Cards


Rawley Loftus creates birthday, anniversary and special occasion cards that are fun and full of charm. Drawing and painting since grade four, thirteen year old Rawley’s whimsical illustrations are both simple and stylish.

The Brave Art Lab recently asked Rawley what books, tech, art, and music inspire her:

I just finished reading “I am number four” by Pittacus Lore. I really enjoyed it.

My favourite app is snapchat.

I am really inspired by Andy Warhol’s work. I don’t think my drawings are like his art at all. I just think the prints he does look really cool.

I’m usually more creative when I am on my own. I usually draw when I have the time, not when I feel inspired and stuff. I draw most of my stuff at home, but I like doodling at school and I also like to draw buildings I see.

I usually listen to the Vamps when I draw. They’re kind of like a less popular version of One Direction, and I should really be over them by now, but I like their music so whatever. I also like Green Day and Five Seconds of Summer, but their songs are faster and I have trouble drawing and dancing at the same time.


“I really enjoy drawing cards because they are personal, and I have a lot of fun drawing people because everyone is so unique.”


To order a card or a drawing, contact Rawley at rj_habs@methodhomes.ca.


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