Melissa Johnston: Photography

Meditations on Mushrooms

This past summer I lived in a cabin in the woods and became inspired by the endless display of life and vitality surrounding me.  I was particularly drawn to the world of fungi that revealed an accelerated spectacle of growth and decay.  I began a collection of photos of mushrooms and other fungi that had me crawling through moss and dead leaves and making friends with all manner of insects.  Employing a shallow depth-of-field and often shooting in low light presented quite a few focus challenges and some of my would-be favourites are just slightly out of focus.  But overall, I’m happy with the results.


About the artist:

Over the years, Melissa has dipped her toes in several creative streams including drawing, song-writing, photography and gardening.  Unable to pursue more than one at a time, she has managed to become a master of none.  She lives in Peterborough where she researches food system sustainability.  She finds much-needed levity in conveying the beauty and wonder she observes in the natural world. She dreams of overcoming her inhibitions and stage-fright in order to share the fruits of her creativity with the rest of the world…starting now.


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