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Kathy Roberts Six Minutes
Kathy Roberts, Author, Six Minutes



I am a lawyer and an author, although saying that sounds strange — because the truth is that I am a “retired” lawyer and a “sort of” author.

I loved practicing law.  I loved everything about it except that it became very hard to do with two small children.

And now I love writing — it is my true passion, the first thing I have ever done for myself, and the biggest risk I have ever taken.  I was lucky to get a book published.  I know that.  I know my odds were similar to winning the lottery.

Do I love it?  Yes … I love writing, and I love getting feedback about my first book.  I think I grinned like an idiot at my first book club.

Will I keep doing it?  I hope so, although getting a book published is not for the impatient.

What do I love most?  Definitely the process of writing.  I don’t have any routines.  I will sit in any room, on any piece of furniture, and type away on any computer.  But, it is a treat … like an Oreo cookie or a cold beer.  The time flies and I love creating characters, developing a story from one thought, and connecting all the details.

What is my biggest challenge?  Life is crazy for everyone, and I am no different.  At every moment of every day, there are at least twenty different things that need to be done — children, dogs, friends, family, schools, sports teams … The challenge of being a writer is that sometimes it is hard to put “writing” first — to say, “sorry I can’t do that because I need to write,” since technically I can do it any time and there is no real deadline.  But, on the flip side, I feel lucky to have the luxury at this stage of my life to put my children, family, and friends above my career — so maybe for me, the biggest challenge is also the greatest reward.

For more information about myself or my first novel, or to contact me, please go to my website www.kathyroberts.ca.


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