Karin Holmström: Paintings

The artworks by Karin Holmström reflect experiences of life. With blurred lines and only partially recognizable faces, together with elegant colors and shapes, Karin lets us think about the feelings we have for each other. Security, love, but at the same time loneliness, and the painful feelings we experience when we lose someone we love. With her paintings, she opens the door for a dialogue and lets everyone seek the answers for themselves.

Karin Holmström took up painting as a form of healing and therapy when her father passed away too early in his life. Her artworks have matured over time with layer upon layer in acrylic and oil. In her works you’ll find figurative art with abstract elements such as humans, wild animals and city scenes. Everything is filled with emotions that call out to the beholder.

Karin donates a portion of the profits she makes selling her work to cancer prevention charities and other projects such as saving wild animals and helping people in need.

Recently, Karin has received recognition through various exhibitions and co-operations, has shown her work on Swedish National Television, and has been featured in an exhibition at Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.


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