Ghost Bear Photography



Husband and wife team, Simon Jackson and Jill Cooper, started photographing wildlife and nature together, leading to the creation of Ghost Bear Photography, named in honour of the two decade fight to save Canada’s white Kermode or spirit bear.

Ghost Bear Photography hopes to reconnect people with the wild through photography and stories, and to help the world fall in love with nature again.

Simon founded the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition at the age of 13 and, for almost two decades, led the largest youth-led environmental movement in the world in the pursuit of saving the white Kermode bear, also known as the spirit or ghost bear. For his efforts, he has been named a Hero for the Planet by Time Magazine and was selected as one of the 100 Guardian Angels of the Planet by UNESCO and the Founding Congress of the Green Games.

Photography is a natural extension of Jill’s decade-plus work as an educator. As a geography teacher in Toronto, she has built on her role in the classroom, using photography as an engagement tool, to help lead student research excursions to Nicaragua, advised organizations such as the Jane Goodall Institute on school resources and has developed critically acclaimed education programs for WILD10 (the 10th World Wilderness Congress), CoalitionWILD and the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition.

To find out more, and to see additional images, check out Ghost Bear Photography’s blog at


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