The Brave Art Lab is a creative collaboration maintained by Linda Lord and Leslie Tralli but sustained by the artists, writers, photographers and craftspeople who fearlessly fill their lives and ours with imagination and inspiration.

Linda is an aspiring playwright and photographer and is extremely excited about encouraging artists to bravely show their work while collaborating with others toward success in whatever genre moves them.

Leslie is a freelance writer, an aspiring novelist, and a closet crafter. She blogs about books at When she’s not writing, she can be found, armed with a glue gun, an Exacto knife, and a 2B pencil, attempting to carve out new territory along the boundary between art and craft.

Join The Brave Art Lab and showcase your writing, your art, your photos, and any other creative venture you are currently experimenting with.

Drop us a line at and tell us what you’re working on.

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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kerrie Cantor says:

    I love the brave art lab. I have enjoyed seeing new artists and reading their biographies and learning about how they came to experiencing and producing their art. It would be neat to see updates of where the artists are showing their work – maybe each artist can continue to post updates. For example, it was great to know the date and location of where to go visit the Wild Rivers Band. As an update Mark’s Portrait art has been accepted in the London Art Studio Tour on Friday Apr 15 thru to Sunday Apr 17th 2016. Every time there is a new member I would love to get a notification to check the site. The website is easy to navigate and looks great.


    1. Leslie Tralli says:

      Thanks Kerrie! You are absolutely right about how great it would be to keep up with our artists’ latest endeavours. To that end, we are creating a monthly newsletter that will keep subscribers up to date on our contributors’ upcoming exhibits and concerts, and highlight new contributors to The Brave Art Lab.
      Stay tuned!


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