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6 exciting photography contests to enter!

show your work by austin kleon on the brave art labAs you might have noticed from past posts, we at The Brave Art Lab are big fans of Austin Kleon and his book “Show Your Work.” Getting your work out the door takes courage, but knowing that someone besides yourself is going to look at what you’re making gives you the motivation to paint the picture or write the story or take the photo, and the push to polish and edit as much as you can to create a fabulous finished product.

Submitting your work to a contest is a great way to spark your creativity, and gives you an end goal to strive for and a deadline to keep you focussed. Whether or not you win the contest is almost beside the point: the process of making something, choosing your best work, editing it, and submitting it is a creative learning and growth tool that will make future artistic endeavours even better.

Here are some photography contests to consider entering. We’ll cover writing and art contests in the upcoming months.

Photo Life

Photo Life runs several contests throughout the year. The Showtime Contest is theme-based, and the next two are “Celebration” (deadline May 15, 2016) and “Red” (deadline July 15). If you subscribe to the (free!) Photo Life Newsletter you can also enter their Monthly Newsletter Contest.

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest is looking for photos that “tell the story of a place or reveal insights about what inspires you when you travel.”  The deadline is May 27, 2016 and the entry fee is US$15 per entry.

Outdoor Photography Canada 2016 Online Spring Wildlife Photo Contest

The contest theme for the Outdoor Photography Canada contest is “Canadian Wildlife.” The $15 entry fee entitles you to upload as many as 10 photos to the contest gallery. Contest deadline is June 30, 2016

Photo News Contest

Photo News is holding a travel themed photography contest called “The World Through My Lens”  and the grand prize is a trip to Hong Kong. They’re looking for “the sights and scenes of your favourite destinations – your subjects could be as close as the view from your front porch or as far as the other side of the world.” The deadline is October 31, 2016.

Canadian Geographic Photo Club: Photo of the Week Contest

By uploading your photo to any area of the Canadian Geographic Photo Club website you will be entered in their photo contest. You must be a member of the club to participate, but membership is free.

Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Canadian Wildlife Federation has a monthly Photo Club Contest. Sign up for free to become a member of the CWF Photo Club, and then enter the monthly contest. The winner is chosen by popular vote.

Good Luck!


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