3 books to spark some art

Leslie Tralli imaginary animal

Ever feel like sketching or painting but draw a blank when faced with the empty page?

Need an artistic outlet, but don’t know where to start?

Here are three books to get you creating.

(Note: the following contains affiliate links.)

Steal like and artist by Austin KleonFirst: Steal like an artist, by Austin Kleon.

I recommend this book to everyone. All the time. So often, in fact, that I should probably be getting a sales commission from Kleon…

Steal like an artist is subtitled “10 things nobody told you about being creative,” and its message can be summed up by Nike: ‘just do it.’ Whatever it is that you are thinking of doing, just start doing it. (Creatively speaking, I mean. If you’re thinking of robbing a bank, I suggest you find a more legal creative outlet.)

Kleon’s book is a kick in the pants, a permit to create, and an affirmation that creating, in whatever form you do it, is important, legitimate and essential to your health and well-being.

Read it first and I guarantee you’ll be raring to go.

Go where?

Painted pages by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare

Here’s a good place to start: Painted Pages: fueling creativity with sketchbooks & mixed media by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare.


Sometimes a big blank canvas is too intimidating. Sure, it says “paint me, I’m yours!” but then it whispers “this better be good. Canvas ain’t cheap you know…

But a sketchbook cries out for experimentation. “Try anything” it says seductively, “I’ve got plenty more pages where that one came from…

Painted Pages inspires you to play around with paint and paper, scissors and glue. Sketching, painting, writing, collage-ing, this book will get you thinking about all the different ways you can make art.

Need some projects now?

Drawing and painting imaginary animals by Carla SonheimThe third book I turn to when I need to jump-start my creativity is Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals by Carla Sonheim.


I love this book because:

  1. It’s filled with fun projects and exercises
  2. It’s all about experimentation
  3. It gets you messing about with art materials in a completely non-judgemental way because…
  4. The final results are supposed to look like that: they’re IMAGINARY!

Here’s an imaginary animal I made.

Leslie Tralli imaginary animal



Now it’s your turn! Get off the computer, pull out your sketchbook, and start some art.

— Leslie

p.s Have a book to recommend? Drop us a line! I’m always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration.


6 thoughts on “3 books to spark some art

  1. 27hambly says:

    I just put all three Kleon books on hold at the Library. They look really good. Need some inspiration and motivation. These books look like the kick in the pants I need. Thanks!!!


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