The Brave Art Lab is a creative hub; an online gallery; an artistic incubator.

By bringing new and established creatives together, we support and encourage growth across artistic disciplines.

The Brave Art Lab provides online exposure for creative types across all artistic disciplines. Setting up and maintaining your own website can be a daunting and time-consuming process. We provide a space to easily show your work to the world.

The Brave Art Lab is a  community of like-minded creatives. We love art in all its forms. We love seeing and reading about what other artists are doing, we love discussing the processes and choices other artists make along their creative journey, and we love to be inspired.

The Brave Art Lab is all about interaction and collaboration. We believe in helping each other along our various creative paths. Serendipity is sometimes the greatest way forward. Chance encounters, introductions to new people, or a sudden burst of inspiration gleaned from a painting, a photo or a piece of writing will take you in directions you never thought possible.

What are you creating?

Join us, and get your creative juices flowing. Click on an image below to see our contributors’ latest projects, or click on a Lab or the Portfolio tab in the menu above to see everything The Brave Art Lab members are working on.